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Coastal Pet Soy Pumpkin Cat Collar 3/8 x 8-12"

Coastal Pet Soy Pumpkin Cat Collar 3/8 x 8-12"

Coastal Pet

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Quality is also about exploring new materials to make our products. Nylon and polyester are classic, but innovative soy material is the next level for softness and odor resistance. Coastal Pet is the first and only maker of soy collars, leashes and harnesses.

Soy protein is liquefied and then extruded into long, thin filament fibers that are then cut and processed in a similar way to many other natural fibers. The process does involve a lot of chemicals, but unlike the production of Bamboo and similar, these chemicals are re-used over and over again in the manufacturing process. Unlike Bamboo and Hemp, Soy plants require a lot of care whilst growing. They need more water and the conditions have to be just right for them to grow. For this reason pesticides and/ or chemical engineering are often used to help the process and maximize the amount of useable crops available. Also, because Soy bean hulls are a by product of the tofu manufacturing process, the amount of waste that is reduced as Soy isn’t grown purely for fabric manufacture.

  • Sustainably-made with eco-friendly soy fibers.
  • Soft, cashmere feel.
  • Perfect for cats with sensitive skin.
  • Adjusts 8-12" for the perfect fit.