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In Clover Cat Supplement Sleek Hairball Chews 2.1 Oz

In Clover Cat Supplement Sleek Hairball Chews 2.1 Oz

In Clover

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Since 1996, hundreds of thousands of pet parents and veterinarians have trusted the clinical support of In Clover’s natural pet supplements. Based in Boulder, Colorado, In Clover is an independently owned business run by a team of pet health experts committed to supporting the life-long well-being of the animals you love.

In Clover was founded by a biochemist who has dedicated her life to the study of how nutrition supports overall health. A pioneer in clinical research, she is the author of three patents, and her published works continue to inspire scientists and developers around the world. Under her leadership, In Clover set the gold standard for animal studies, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, sound scientific methods and humane practices. As In Clover’s product developer, she carefully formulates innovative supplements using evidence-based research and the finest natural ingredients. This unique, hands-on approach assures your pet receives therapeutic levels of active ingredients for results in a single container’s use.

Sleek manages shedding and hairballs while restoring coat luster with critical fatty acids, essential nutrients and luscious coconut oil.