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In Clover Dog Supplement Bioradiant Skin&Coat Powder 100 Gm

In Clover

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BioRadiant was developed by a biochemist to provide an easy to use alternative to fish oil. This whole food supplement takes a complete, whole-body approach to healthy skin and coat from the inside out. It is formulated with carrots, coconut, and omega 3’s to support a sleek, glowing coat while clinically-tested biotin and zinc soothe and nourish skin. Curcumin, sweet potato and anise complete this pure, antioxidant-rich formula. Directions for
Use: Spoon or Sprinkle BioRadiant over food.
Serve 1 teaspoon per day (approx. 2 “shakes”) for a 20-pound dog. Adjust for your dog, 0.5 teaspoon (1 shake) per 10 pounds of body weight./p>