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Our Pets Cosmic Kitty Herbs Pet Grass 5oz

Our Pets

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If you've noticed your cat staring longingly at your lawn or chewing on the grass while he's outside—your favorite feline might be craving a healthy, green dose of vitamins and minerals. Bring the green inside with the Kitty Herbs from OurPets. This seed mixture blends barley, oats and wheat seeds to help cat parents grow the ideal garden indoors. Simply sprinkle seeds into a deep pot of soil, cover, water and let it soak up some sun--soon, you'll have a pot of delectable cat grass that will boost your kitty's fiber, niacin and B vitamins. Eating these greens may help your cat's digestion, and that pesky fur ball problem. It's a rich supplement that you grow yourself. And your kitty will surely thank you! Benefits:
  • Pre-blended seeds make it easy for pet parents to grow cat-friendly herbs inside.
  • Just plant in a deep pot of soil and watch your kitty munch on homemade cat grass.
  • Grass boosts pet's fiber and may help to ease fur ball problems.
  • Supplements your cat with niacin and B vitamins without the hassle of pills and tablets.
  • Contains barley, oats and wheat for a healthy dose of greens—with no catnip.