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Pawdel Pawdellogne Newborn 60ml

Pawdel Pawdellogne Newborn 60ml


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Your pets are called furbabies for a good reason. They are cute and huggable as always no matter what their age is. No matter how much love we shower them with, their natural scent is inevitably unpleasant. They may not necessarily need a bath, but they definitely need a pleasant odor to keep them huggable. One that befits a furbaby.

This pet fragrance in Newborn signature scent is an all-natural formulation. Therefore it's safe for both dogs and cats, fur tangle-free, and most importantly, it keeps that fresh furbaby scent. Unlike many pet colognes that are seemingly a poor copy of human cologne, its alcohol-free formula prevents dehydrating your dog's or cat's skin and fur.

Its unique spray mechanism dispenses 0.6 mL in gentle mist for every pump, allowing it to cover a wider surface area.
Our Eau de Pawlogne gives your pet an efficiently more huggable scent with less.