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Petlinks Cat Toy Mouse Full Refillable

Petlinks Cat Toy Mouse Full Refillable


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Refillable catnip toys are by far the allow you to refresh the catnip in your cat's favorite toy for endless fun. The tantalizing refillable Mouse Full Catnip Toy comes with a tube of Pure Bliss organic catnip for multiple refills. Pure Bliss tubes are sealed to keep catnip fresh and have a small opening that makes it easy to refill your toy. Pet links products connect to how people and pets live and play together. Pet links is known for innovative, solution-based and environmentally responsible products that fulfill all of your pet's needs - from play and interaction to rest and privacy and more. A member of the Worldwide family of pet products, Pet links is grounded in the principles of pet safety, customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. Pet links products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. They are then tested against those standards to ensure they meet our strict quality and safety requirements – ensuring they're safe for all members of your family. Pet links offers a complete satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is dissatisfied with a Pet links product for any reason, they will replace it or refund it - no questions asked. Since 1990, Worldwide and its brands have been committed to using environmentally responsible materials in its products. Whenever possible, Pet links products are made with recycled, reclaimed, organic and sustainable materials.

Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 1.4 x 9.1 inches