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Remedy + Recovery Stay Rite Xtra Strong Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar Small

Remedy Recovery

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The Remedy + Recovery Stay Rite Xtra Strong Inflatable Recovery Collar is light blue in color - from a color spectrum that dogs can see. Research has shown that if dogs can actually "see" the recovery collar being put around their neck, they will be less stressed and more comfortable with having to wear a foreign object around their neck during a period of recovery from an already stressful injury. This helps to calm the dog and reduces stress. Unique notches keep collar round so that your dog can't wiggle out. Features a new easy flow air nozzle protected by strong binding.


Product Dimensions:

6.24 x 9 x 1.75 inches


We recommend you fully inflate the Stay Rite Recovery Collar before putting on your dog. Start by taking the Stay Rite collar out of the packaging. Unfold and smooth out collar with hands. Next inflate the Stay Rite collar by pinching the air valve and inflating the Stay Rite Xtra Strong Recovery collar until full. Do not over or under inflate. Slide the Stay Rite Recovery Collar onto your dog's neck. Secure the Velcro closure. Monitor your pet to ensure Stay Rite Recovery Collar is properly in place and working correctly. For a more secure fit insert dog's personal collar though loops on back side before use. Please note the Stay Rite Inflatable Recovery Collar provides "body-only" coverage that may vary by breed and size of dog.