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How to Give Your Cat A Bath

Cats are natural groomers, but there may be occasions when your cat needs a bath. Since water can be unnerving for cats, these tips will help to make bath time easier.


1. Get cats used to having baths when they’re young.

Their skin, coat type, and breed will determine how often a bath is needed. You can also ask your veterinarian or pet stylist for advice.


2. Prior to bath time, trim your cat’s nails to protect yourself from getting scratched.

Use a metal comb to loosen tangles or mats from your cat’s fur. Do not give your cat a bath if she does have mats, as they trap soap and cause skin irritation. A pre bath brush out should not be skipped, especially if your cat has long hair.



3. It’s best to bathe your cat or kitten in a sink with a spray nozzle so that you don’t have to place her in standing water. Use the same water temperature that you would use for a baby so that you don’t overheat your cat.

Use a non-slip mat and have everything you need ready ahead of time.


4. Use a combo shampoo and conditioner so you only have to wash your cat once.

Start by gently spraying the rear half of your cat and then work your way forward. Try not to get your cat’s head wet at all.

Praise her, talk quietly to her, and pet her during the bath experience to try to keep her calm.


5. Lather her entire body next, except for her head, following instructions on the bottle.


6. Rinse your cat thoroughly to avoid skin irritation from soap residue.


7. Dry your cat with a clean towel to absorb as much water as possible.

Use the damp towel or cat eye and ear wipes to wipe and clean around her eyes and ears.


8. Reward your cat with treats to reinforce the positive connection and memory of bath time.

Soon you’ll be bathing your cat like a pro. If you’re uncomfortable giving your cat a bath, contact your veterinarian or local grooming salon.


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