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How To Keep Your Pet Calm

Anxiety is not only just for humans but also for animals. There are many factors that could trigger them: abandonment, loud noises, travelling, strange people, children, and other animals. Like us, they need someone to keep them at ease. There are several ways to keep your pet calm in any kind of circumstances.


1. Walk them

Going out with their leash and harness sounds routinary but for them, it’s the most exciting time of the day. Walking them around the neighborhood will give them a bit of fresh air and new things to see which can ease their loneliness and anxiety. 


2. Give them toys

Toys especially the squeaky ones would make them giddy and happy. Choose the loud ones and make your pets busy the whole day.


3. Talk to them

Pets are interactive species that they love to listen to your stories even though they cannot understand a word. There is probably nothing more soothing to an anxious dog than its owner’s touch. Try to identify the signs of anxiety in your dog and nip them in the bud as early as possible by picking them up, cuddling on the couch, or giving them a good long petting session.



4. Alternative Therapies

Some pets really cannot keep up with the aforementioned ways and they need certain therapies to make them feel at ease. There are the products such as treats, drops, and sprays available in the market that you can easily purchase.



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