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How To Make Mealtimes Fun For Picky Eaters

Does your furbaby refuses to eat their kibble? Dogs and cats that don’t empty their food bowls within a certain amount of time, usually 20 minutes, are more likely considered as picky eaters. As a pet parent, it will be frustrating on our part to have this kind of dilemma. Surprisingly, sometimes dogs aren't food motivated, and other times the problem is actually caused by us, their owners. It’s always better to be prepared on what to give them when at some point in their lives they became fussy eaters. There are several ways on what to do if your pet refuses to eat.


1. Put enticing meal toppers

Meal toppers are a great addition to your pet’s kibbles. They are usually composed of identical ingredients and scent that your furbaby will surely enjoy. Choose the right topper that makes your pet happy and healthy at the same time.



2. Lessen their daily treat intake

Treats are also a great reason why our pets refuse to eat their food. Too many treats can affect your pet’s appetite. Measure out daily or weekly treats, and put them aside in a separate box or carton – then the whole family knows when your pet has had its treat allowance for each day.



3. Serve them appealing meals

There are food that are composed with freeze dried beef, chicken, fish, or pork. It could also help your pets to eat more as it is appealing to their senses. There are also wet dog food that have pieces of meat and savory gravy that could also help them to enjoy their meal.



4. Be consistent with their meal schedule

Cats and dogs are aware of the time either doing potty or eating meals. Always follow the schedule of their morning, afternoon, and evening meals for them to be able to retain that there is a specific mealtime.


5. Limit the table scraps

We tend to give our table scraps to our pets as we don’t like to waste food. These are often the biggest reason why our pets refuse to eat their meals since human food has a distinct taste that they won’t taste on their food.  It is better not to give them leftovers for them not to crave our food and they could focus more on theirs. 


6. Choose the right food bowl

There are many kinds of food bowls available in the market- plastic, ceramic, wood, and metal. Due to wide range of options, we tend to get what’s budget-friendly but we don’t know what are the consequences of choosing which. It is best to choose metal and ceramic made food bowls since plastic can affect the flavor of your pet’s food. Wash your pet’s food bowl in hot water and avoid strong scented soaps.


7. Limit the time food stays out

Keep their food away if they are already done eating. Food will become dry and stale if placed in open air.

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