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How To Treat Coprophagia

dog coprophagia

There are many factors that trigger anxiety to our pets, this includes isolation, lack of attention, and punishment. Stool-eating is one of the most disgusting habits of dogs that they usually use as a coping mechanism. Coprophagia is the act of eating feces, and it's relatively common in dogs. How can you stop your fur baby from eating their poop?


Keep the yard clean from animal waste

Be on high alert when your pet is going to defecate anywhere in the house. Make sure to pick it up and clean the spot immediately.


Give them enzyme supplements

The modern diet is higher in carbohydrates and lower in meat-based proteins and fats than the canine ancestral diet. Some people have had success with a meat tenderizer that contains papain, an enzyme.


Train them with “no” and “come”

As simple as it sounds, these two words may give positive and negative reinforcement to your pet. Train them that “no” means they should leave it or simply you don’t like it then “come” for them to follow you.


Skip the punishment

If you continuously punish your fur baby everytime he takes his poop, there’s a big possibility that he will eat it before you see it. Let go of those slippers, hanger, and hand of doom because it’s not helping and may hurt their feelings. It will only cause fear which will lead to eating more poop!



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