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Settling In A New Kitten At Home

Whether you are an experienced cat owner or it’s your first time adopting a kitten, it’s important to properly prepare for the arrival of your new kitty to make it as stress-free as possible for the both of you.


Prepare a room for your kitten

Establish one room in the new house as a base for your cat. This room should ideally be a spare room or another room that isn’t too busy.


Make the room comfy and safe

It’s important to do a ‘cat proofing’ check of your cat’s room and the rest of the house for when they have access to that to ensure it’s safe and hazard free.


Set-up your kitty’s room with everything they need

Your cat’s litter tray should be placed in one corner of the room, away from the door, their feeding area, water, beds and hiding places. Food and water bowls should be separate from each other but within easy reach of the ‘hidey holes’ you have created in the room. A tall and rigid scratching post will help your cat to maintain their claws.


Make sure the whole house is escape-proof

In the first few days your cat will not be familiar with your home and may be scared. Your cat’s instinct will be to escape, so even if there is a window or door only slightly open, they may make a dash for the outdoors.

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