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Settling In A New Puppy At Home

Introducing a new puppy in a new home can be scary: there are new smells, new noises, a new environment, new people, and a new routine away from the familiarity of its mother and siblings. Keeping this in mind, settling the puppy for the first few nights can be challenging, especially getting them to sleep through the night.


Be prepared before you bring your puppy home

Prepare an area you would like your puppy to sleep. A comfortable dog bed or blanket for your puppy to sleep on is the ideal solution for settling a puppy into the home.


The benefits of using a crate

Many people love to use crates for their puppy to sleep/rest, establishing an area of safety and comfort. If used correctly, crate training can be a useful aid in dog training; from toilet training, reducing unwanted chewing and ensuring the general safety of your puppy.


Choose the right place for your puppy to sleep

We will all have a preference where we would ideally like our puppy to sleep i.e. downstairs, upstairs, kitchen, lounge, utility area, bedroom, etc. Make sure the area is draught-free, but an area that you can keep an eye on your puppy and him on you.


Gently socialize your puppy

It is important to start socializing your new puppy to their new environment and situations, but not to overwhelm them the first couple of days. We advise you to allow your puppy time to settle before inviting the neighbors and family round for a visit.

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